3 Things All Great Moms Should Do

Last month during the meet n greet portion of my Let’s Talk Mom2Mom Beauty Conference NYC, a mom asked me what advice can I give her to not feel guilty about doing things for herself that don’t involve her children. She admired how I could work from home and travel without my kids and while she has a home office, she often feels guilty when she goes in and closes the door because her kids are often knocking outside.

Trust me. I know the feeling. Continue Reading


My Healthy Living Hurdles

Summer 2014 right after I had more daughter vs Summer 2016

I’m not sure what your hurdles are but during my life I’ve struggled with over eating, lack of motivation, and sticking to my workouts. In the last 2 years I’ve found balance-not perfection, but balance. I’ve managed to enjoy healthy delicious food AND unhealthy delicious food. I’ve not worked out in a while, but when I do I make it count. My vegan lifestyle has naturally balanced my weight and improved my overall health. Ultimately I’m a better me. And I’m happy I’ve finally figured it out. If you need daily motivation follow me on Instagram @healthyJenell


How I Deal With Negativity On Social Media

The spirit moved me to read an excerpt from my Emotional Wholeness book. The scripture is from 1 John 4:10-11 and it talks about showing love to the people around me. This led me to discuss in this video how I deal with negativity on social media.

I’ve had some negative comments or just mean/rude tone comments, but this doesn’t happen very often. I treat everyone with love and thus I receive this love back. Of course sometimes I have to use the block and delete buttons, but this is rare in the scope of how many thousands of comments I get on a weekly basis.

How do you deal with negativity on social media?


Boys Fall Fashion Haul


Went into The Children’s Place this weekend and bought some tops and a warm hoodie for Joel to wear to school. When I walked in I noticed that it was time to redeem the “Place Cash” $10 coupons and guess who had none? *rolls eyes* Continue Reading