10 Winter Date Night Ideas That Aren’t Lame

December 15, 2016


It’s 32 degrees in NYC and it’s only going to get colder.  Hubby and I have committed to our tradition of 1-2 date nights a month but during the Winter we lose our motivation to go outdoors because its just so darn cold here. It might be the most magical season of all, but we certainly don’t have to go overboard to have a great time together between now and March. Here are some winter date ideas that won’t have you rolling your eyes.


Couple in ice skates hugging and looking at each other

I took up skating in the 90’s when I was a little girl (did I just age myself), but it wasn’t something I ever kept up. But Ice skating and hot cocoa practically scream *winter date.* So we have to do this even if it’s only once.


I know it may seem odd to see too grown people outside throwing snowballs at each other, but it is honestly so much fun! You forget how cold it is because you’re having so much fun.


We each pick one of our favorite movies or we agree to watch a movie we’ve both never seen before.  I make the hot cocoa and we snuggle up under a blanket, and chill on our own terms – because we’s grown.


My sorority puts on an annual snow tubing trip to Hunter Mountain that is a ton of fun, Hubby and I went together last year and it was really sweet to slide down the hills holding hands. If you are in the NYC are this trip is a must attend.  This winter we leave on Feb 20th, 2017. Register Here.Young playful couple having fun in the snow


Ordering our favorite foods in isn’t the most spectacular date night, I know, but we make it special by doing a few simple things. We send the kids to grandmas for the weekend. We purchase our favorite wine.  We sit together at the dining room table. And WE TALK for hours about our love, life, hobbies and anything in between.Closeup of homemade vegetarian pizza on wooden background

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The best remedy to a cold snowy gloomy date night is game night. Hubby and I know how to enjoy a smashing game of Scrabble or Uno.


Strengthen your bod and your bond—research shows working out as a couple makes you feel more connected.  While I run on the treadmill hubby will lift weights beside me and we switch. Not much talking but we are supporting each other and it feels good.


Chilly temps make it tempting to hit up the same old restaurants you often frequent. Hubby and I like to open up the Yelp app and find new restaurants in our area that we’ve not tried or event heard about.   After dinner we head to a local theater and finish off the night cuddling in the theater.


An indoor comedy club is a fun way to get away from the cold and bond over cheap laughs.  Most of the spots we go to in Manhattan have a two drink minimum with a low cover charge.


I love bowling for date nights because you don’t have to get all dressed up and I get to put on my competitive hat.  The laughs never stop during bowling and this date night doesn’t break the bank.Bowling ball machine with woman bowling in the background

These 10 fun date night ideas can can carry you and bae through to spring. Let me know which of these you choose to do.

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