3 Things All Great Moms Should Do

October 4, 2016

Last month during the meet n greet portion of my Let’s Talk Mom2Mom Beauty Conference NYC, a mom asked me what advice can I give her to not feel guilty about doing things for herself that don’t involve her children. She admired how I could work from home and travel without my kids and while she has a home office, she often feels guilty when she goes in and closes the door because her kids are often knocking outside.

Trust me. I know the feeling.

Elle and Joel do the same thing to me. You have to establish boundaries with your children so that they understand yore working.  But aside from work, in general moms need to do things for themselves with NO KIDS in order to be a better mom. We all need that time to ourselves to feel renewed, to destress and to unwind. I talk about this more in the YT video above  “3 Things All Great Moms Should Do“. 

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