3 Tips To Live Healthy On A Budget

March 1, 2017

Hey loves! In this video I discuss my 3 tips for living healthy on a budget. My first tip is to plan out your meals, my 2nd tip is to shop weekly and my 3rd tip is to shop for fresh foods instead of buying packaged meals.

I’ve lost over 100lbs by dedicating a few minutes each week to plan out my meals in a journal and then committing to buying only those items. I talk in depth about how journaling can help you double your weight loss in my healthy living podcast series and workbook.

I used to be of the mindset “shop in bulk”, however, I found that I spent so much more money buying bulk items that I never ate within the month. That’s money I could have saved had I not purchased those food items.

Lastly, when I buy fresh foods I eat them. When my foods have a short shelf life psychologically I know I have to eat these foods today or tomorrow or they will spoil. This keeps me focused on eating the healthy foods I buy.


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  • Reply Casandra Hunte April 11, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    I love this video. I too started planning out my grocery list for my fiance and I. I found myself spending $100 every other week and not consuming all the food I purchased. I decided to go shopping every week and spend just $50 dollars which helped out a lot in the end. Sometimes I’m able to spend less the $50 the next week because I still have food left from the previous week. By the way, I’m getting married next week 🙂

    Thanks Jenell!

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