Behind The Scenes | Elle’s First Modeling Audition

January 21, 2017

During the summer I decided to apply to just about all the NYC child modeling agencies to see if anyone was interested in working with Elle.  My plan was to just apply and wait and see.  If noone responded then it just wasn’t meant to be.  I don’t actually think modeling will be Elle’s career path but she’s cute and if we can make a few dollars towards her college education–why not?

About a month after applying to about 13 agencies, a friend of mine shared a few smaller NJ based agencies with me and I submitted an application for Elle and got an email back within hours.  Since then Elle hasn’t had any auditions or “go sees” and I just continued to wait.

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Last week I got an email about an audition for Toys R Us and Imaginarium and I jumped for joy.  I’ve not been focused on her getting any auditions but when one came through it felt really good.

The morning of the audition I packed Elle up with lots of snacks.  I referred to the audition as a photo shoot because I don’t want Elle to have any understanding that she could book or not book.  I just want her to enjoy herself.  She has weekly photo shoots with me and her father so she’s familiar with the term and understands that photo shoots aren’t hard at all.

At the casting I noticed a familiar face, a beauty blogger named Felicia of This That Beauty and her daughter Phoebe.  Elle and Phoebe are besties now!

So did Elle book the job?  We’ve not heard back and its been a week, so No, she didn’t.

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  • Reply Valarie January 21, 2017 at 10:32 am

    I wish Elle all the best! She’s a beautiful child! Great photo shoot!👏🏾

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