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November 18, 2016


MOM letters and pretty wrapped gifts

I remember our first Christmas as new parents back in 2011, we weren’t expecting to be new parents until a week or two after new years, but my munchkin Joel (who turns 5 just eight days before Christmas) decided he wanted to trump all the other Christmas gifts under our tree.   It was a joyous time and our bundle of joy made Christmas that much more special.  Then a few years later my ladybug Elle came along making Christmas even more fun.

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Between feedings, changing diapers, and getting used to my happy but sleepless life, I know first hand that new moms need extra special attention when it comes to gift-giving this time of year.   I’ve complied a list of 8 no-fail gifts for new moms that are guaranteed to please.

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Moby Wrap Cotton Baby Carrier


For me as a nursing mom, skin-to-skin during those precious days after having my babies was very important for my milk production. I’d pop my little ones into the moby wrap completely naked and let them lay on my bare chest.  Joel would often fall asleep immediately and he was for warm against my skin he’d start sweating.  The moby wrap can be wrapped in several ways depending on how you want to hold your baby and fits children up to 35lbs.

Elle cried all the time and it would get really intense.  I had many moments when I was really stressed and felt overwhelmed because I had a lot to do and just couldn’t hold her in my hands. I’d put her in the moby wrap and she’d calm down and I would feel so relieved because I was hands free. (view pic of Elle in the moby wrap)

I highly recommend moby wrap for new moms and it’s dad approved, just ask my hubby who wore it all the time as well so he could take care of the babies and play video games at the same time.

JJ Cole Bundle Me


Living in NYC our winters are harsh. Cold winds, blizzards and icy roads. But would you believe me if I told you we never purchased winter coats for our children?


We used the JJ Cole Bundle Me in their car seats and no coats were needed at all. In fact, if we dressed them too warm while using the JJ Cole Bundle Me they would overheat and end up sweating and crying. That’s proof that this product is warm.

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Now why would you want this instead of just buying a winter coat?

Winter coats for newborns are usually full body suits. Requiring too many steps to put on and off which will drive you crazy when its time for a diaper change. The full body suits are also so bulky and get in the way when you need to nurse quickly out and about.  With the JJ Cole Bundle Me all you have to do is get your baby dressed, stick them in, and zip it up. Done.

Check out this picture of Joel in the JJ Cole Bundle Me

Boppy Nursing Pillow


When I got the Boppy Nursing Pillow as a gift at my baby shower I remember thinking, “why would someone waste money on something like this? I can seriously just use my bedroom pillow to rest the baby on.”  Boy was I wrong.

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When nursing you really have to hold the baby up and this puts lots of pressure on your back. The Boppy Nursing Pillow fits comfortably around your waist giving you some very much needed extra support when nursing. So you can sit back firmly with pillows behind you and then put the Boppy Nursing Pillow in front of you and rest the baby on it vs holding your baby up using your arms.  You can’t put a price on comfort, right?

The Baby Bullet


Making your own baby food is super easy. I think most people think its harder then it really is because the food industry makes us feel like we have to feed our babies jar food. But this is far from the truth. Watch my How to make baby food video when you can.

The Baby Bullet made food preparation for my children extremely easy.  Just boil or steam the veggies in water.  When soft, put the food in the Baby Bullet and blend. Store in the cups they give you and put in the fridge or freezer. It really is just that easy!  Elle and Joel never had a jar of food ever because I just blended everything we ate and fed it to them.

Gift the new mom in your life the Baby Bullet and I’m sure she will be inspired to make her own baby food.

Heartbeat Love Necklace


No woman will ever turn down a gorgeous piece of jewelry! Whether she’s a first-time mom or you’re wrapping it up on behalf of her kiddos, a sparkly keepsake necklace is a great addition to her collection. A heartbeat is a sweet and unique way to show your love for someone or something and when you become a new mom you wear your heart on your sleeve. Sugar Bean’s dainty heart beat is paired with a shining heart making it all the more special. I wear this necklace just about every day.

Photo Album 


We live in the time of the selfie with camera phones that can hold thousands of photos. I love sharing all my photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but nothing beats the actual photo.  Call me old school, but I love printing out my camera pictures and putting them in a photo album. We have several albums filled with photos highlighting many of our favorite memories. Joel and Elle love looking at themselves in their photo albums and reliving those moments they no longer can remember.

With a new baby around anything can happen to your cell phone, water, cracked screens or you can just lose it. There’s nothing more valuable on your phone than your pictures! Gift the new mom in your life a photo album and she can print out 1,000 4×6 photos for free with the free prints app.

Mommy Skin Care

SheaMoisture mommy collection

Anything that allows you to pamper your skin and smell amazing is a win. SheaMoisture has an abundance of skin care products but I was most pleased after my labor and delivery to use the Raw Shea Cupuacu Mommy collection on my skin. The Mommy Bath Collection includes 5 luxurious body products specially blended with certified organic Raw Shea Butter to moisturize and reinforce skin’s elasticity.  These products leave my skin soft and radiant.  They are a must have!

Spa Day

Last but definitely not least every woman wether a mom or not deserves a gift of self care.  But if you’re new mom its likely that you’ve been so focused on your new baby that taking care of yourself has been the furthest thing from your mind. I remember going almost 3 days without even takin a shower because I was nursing and sleeping around the clock. Why shower when I could sleep?

Sites like SpaFinder make it easy to search for spas in your area and you can purchase a gift card. Make sure to get a gift card large enough for a massage, a facial and a mani pedi.

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