Does Praying Everyday With Your Spouse Lead To More Sex?

June 24, 2017

My husband and I have fallen off when it comes to our time spent praying together and after listening to one of my favorite podcasts today while on a flight to Charlotte it really rekindled my desire to start back praying daily with my husband.

Does praying with your spouse everyday lead to more sex? That I don’t know. But did you know prayer increases long term satisfaction? Yup.

Praying with your spouse seems like a nice thing to do, but is it a priority in your marriage? According to the research, it should be! Praying together improves your marriage across a number of dimensions. It increases your marital satisfaction by placing your focus on God and on a long-term view of your marriage, thereby giving you incentive to choose behaviors that are beneficial to your relationship. Prayer also increases the sense of unity felt between couples and leads to an increase in forgiveness and selfless concern. Praying together isn’t always easy as honest, heartfelt prayer means opening up and being vulnerable before your spouse and before God. But this vulnerability is the very reason that joint prayer is so essential.  Listen to this episode right now (or when you can).

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  • Reply Shay June 28, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    It can and has. My husband and i used to have a family worship night. Nothing more beautiful than a man who loves his God and shares that with his wife.

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