Do’s & Don’ts of Half Marathon Training

September 28, 2015

These are 4 Tips that I’ve learned about myself and hope to help you in your training.

Your Body Will Only Do What Your Mind Wills It To Do
The first thing I learned very quickly about Half Marathon Training is you really have to be into it.  It is not for the weak minded-at all. I have to be in the right mental space when it comes to eating well and committing to run 4-5 days a week. Training is intense. Running 20-30 miles a week is a lot. I have to be mentally ready.

You Need to Rest
I have very long days– I’m a mom of 2, a wife, and a business owner. We are up at 5:30am and in bed by 9pm. My body needs to recover after running continuously for a week. Going to bed too late and then waking up early is not healthy. My body needs to recover and if I’m too tired, how likely am I to really wake up and go for my run?

Running burns lots of calories so eating is essential. When I started training in the beginning I would run 3-6 miles and burn about 400-700 calories in a day. Now multiply that by 5 days. I’m burning 2000-35000 calories in the week. Now that I’m at the end of my training I run 8-13 miles/day. This translates to 1200-20000 calories in ONE DAY! This is the amount some people consume in an entire day, meanwhile I’ve burned this in an hour or two. My body needs energy after running and not eating well is detrimental. I’ve gotten distracted after my long runs and didn’t eat. I literally felt sick and nauseous. I balance healthy whole grains and protein for breakfast. I snack 3-4 times throughout the day. For lunch and dinner I eat protein, vegetables, and healthy whole grains. Check out my sample meal plans here. I also want to add, that while I’m training, I’m always hungry and it’s easy to make unhealthy choices when you feel you’re working hard so you deserve it. This mentality will cause you to regress in your training because you WILL gain weight or your body will start reacting to the increase in sugar, salt and fat.

What's an extra mile?  @healthyjenell

What’s an extra mile? @healthyjenell

Compression Pants are Your Friend
I made a video on compression pants a few months back, did you watch it? I’m much more confident as a curvy women when I wear compression pants, but when Summer came around I invested in one pair of compression shorts because it’s so hot. What a mistake. My legs were sore the entire run. I felt every muscle tense up when I hit the pavement. And for someone who has been running so much, I didn’t even think I would have any issues with shorts, because my legs are stronger now. Welp. I’m never running in shorts again. For me and my body, when I run in compression pants, I dont feel anything. Running in shorts, I felt everything. It took my focus away from the running because I could feel my muscles contracting. Why put myself through this if I don’t have to? Needless to say, I ran all Summer in calf length and ankle length compression pants and didn’t melt.

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