Easter Bunny Fun! But What Does The Bunny Have To Do With Easter?

April 15, 2017

I took Joel and Elle along with their God sister Alyssa to see the Easter Bunny today at their Dentist office. Yes, Dentist office and No not the mall. I am so thankful to their dentist office “That Broadway Smile” for having the Easter Bunny there today. You know how much money the mall charges for photo prints that don’t even look all that great to be honest.  I saved money and time today thanks to the dentist.  They printed out a photo for us to take home, gave the kids an easter egg, and popcorn FOR FREE!

Elle, Alyssa (my God daughter), and Joel.

Before you get in your feelings about the whole Easter bunny vs Jesus resurrection let me share with you a little history I read in an article on abcnews.

Many Christians give up treats such as chocolate and even meat during lent as a symbol of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made by dying on the cross to absolve believers from their sins.  “Historically, when Easter arrived, feasts in large baskets were brought to churches to be blessed by religious leaders.  This also explains why chocolate is often given as a present on Easter — to reward those who gave up eating it during Lent.”

So how did the Easter Bunny get thrown into the mix?

The article goes on to say “historians claim Easter comes from Eostre, the pagan goddess of fertility and spring.  According to the tale, Eostre found a bird freezing to death and turned it into a rabbit to keep it warm. But the rabbit still laid eggs like a bird. In the tale, the bunny decorated her eggs to show her appreciation for what Eostre did.”

So there’s the history of it all.  But I have to be honest this historical information has nothing to do with why I take my kids to see the Easter bunny at all.

Elle’s patchwork dress is available on ellepstewart.com

I take them because I went to see the Easter bunny when I was a kid and I want my kids to have the same memories.
I take them because it’s fun.
I take them because I want to.

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