Feb 22, 2015 Weigh In

February 22, 2015


Last week I found my motivation again after fitting tightly into a size 10 pants that I shared on IG.  I was so motivated that I wrote out all my meals and I even prepped them too.  Starting Weight (Feb 2014): 270

Last Week Weight: 193.3
Current Weight: 189.3

I see all my hard work has paid off because I’m moving back in the right direction and I’m stunned that I lost 4lbs!

I can’t help but feel like I should have been this weight 3 weigh ins ago and I would definitely reach my birthday weight goals. My goal was to weigh 185 by my 30th bday on March 6 and it might be possible to be just a few pounds away at this point. Either way focused.

Here’s my weekly weigh ins from Sept 2014, when I got my mind right:
Sept 230, 225, 221, 218,
Oct 216 214.8 216
Nov 209.4, 207, 209.8, 208, 205
Dec 203.7, 199.7, 202.7, 196.9
Jan 197.7, 196.8, 194.4, 192.2
Feb 191.9, 194.5, 193.3, 189.3
FAQ: I’m 29, 5’5″, I have two kids (3yr old & 1 year old), I work out M-F, 60-90min cardio AND 30-60 min strength training, weight lifting and personal training, I run 15-20 miles a week and I diet as best as I can.

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