Hercules, Snack Thief, and a Basketball Game

January 18, 2015

Snack Thief

Sundays are a lazy day in my home.  I get to sleep in (7:30am LOL) because I don’t have to get everyone ready and out of the house by 8.  We lounge around in our PJs the entire day, but we do brush our teeth at least.

I usually wash my hair on Sundays right after breakfast while my babies watch a movie. They really enjoy watching Hercules on Netflix, but because I limit how much TV they get during the week they couldn’t care less what I put on. They are literally glued to the TV and thus I can spend 1-2 hours washing and styling my hair with very few interruptions.

10897870_792534160827430_4040979841818592968_nAfter nap time, we all hang out as a family.  My hubby is home from work in the afternoon so I get help with the babies. We play games, complete puzzles, sing songs and dance or anything else the kids want to do.

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  • Reply Jasmine W March 12, 2015 at 10:47 am

    Love your website layout and this post was great!!! Your kids are adorable and love the shot with you and your daughter. She has some beautiful hair!!!

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