How Do You Stay Hydrated During Your Run?

October 12, 2015

12004122_1673020962943043_7894295099005054224_nQ: How do you stay hydrated during your run?

A: I drink a little water with my breakfast before every run. In this video, I share my meal plan on the days I run. I don’t want to drink too much because I don’t want to have to run in the bushes during my run. When I run 6 miles or less I don’t hydrate during my run at all. Even during the hot summer months I didn’t feel the need to hydrate during a run 6 miles or less. I just listen to my body and it wasn’t something that I needed. However as I’ve been training for a half marathon I’m now running up to 13 miles and for me any run from 8 to 13 miles I hydrate midway. I wear a hydration belt on these long runs and on a day like today I drink very little, at 4 miles I took a couple sips and then I kept it moving. During the summer when it was really hot and humid I would find myself needing to take a few more sips after the midway point, but not much. You don’t want to run with water sloshing around in your belly it’s very uncomfortable.

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