How To Bring Summer Fun To The Middle of Winter On A Budget

January 8, 2017

I always wondered why people travel to beautiful tropical islands in the summer.  For me I can take an hour drive to the beach here on Long Island and play in the sand.  Sure, the water isn’t crystal blue but it’s warm here.  It makes much more sense to save the tropical getaway for a time of year when the weather sucks here in New York.  After all, the weather on any tropical island is always amazing and it feels like the summer there in the middle of winter.

Bahamas Love Beach

Love Beach

Every winter my husband and I pack up our 2 children, hop on a plane, travel 4-6 hours to a caribbean island where we get to beat the winter blues.  We started this winter family vacation tradition before we started our family because winters in New York are brutal.  We get more than 3 feet of snow every winter and it’s freezing cold. ☃️

#Beachbums #bahamas

Goodmans Bay

For our next winter vacation we’ve been looking into the Kalahari Resort as a less expensive way to bring summer fun to the middle of winter.  Our children love the beach, which is why we always travel to an island.  I found out that in just a few months, March 2017, Kalahari Resorts and Conventions’ Pocono Mountains location will be home to America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark!! GTHOH!

I know my kids will lose their minds when they see all the slides and playing areas.  After looking on the website, I’m sure Elle and Joel will want to spend most of their time at the Tiko’s Watering Hole kid’s play area, featuring hands-on activities, slides and a lazy river made just for them!

Tiko's Watering HoleTiko's Watering Hole

The Splashdown Safari area has net crawls, water guns, a huge variety of slides and several levels of interactive water fun, I may have just as much fun or more in this area.screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-3-15-18-pmscreen-shot-2017-01-08-at-3-14-53-pmscreen-shot-2017-01-08-at-3-15-05-pm

In addition to these ridiculous water play areas for the kids, the Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos is expanding their lazy river and opening up eight new water slides.  This location also offers an ariel adventure park, a family entertainment center, a fitness center, spa, 520 guest rooms, three on site dining options and more.

Winter Fun On A Budget

Right off the back, visiting the Kalahari Resort saves us over a thousand dollars.  To travel to the Bahamas as a family of 4 this past December cost us exactly $1206.76 in flights alone.  Based on google maps, we could take a 2hr and 20 min road trip. This would be only a full tank of gas there and back (about $45 for my Toyota Highlander), and about $20 in tolls.

Some other ways visiting the Kalahari Resort in the Poconos will save us money
When we traveled most recently we needed a taxi to the airport from our home ($50), we checked in 3 pieces of luggage ($60), and then we rented a car ($388). When we returned home we had to pay to check in the luggage ($60) and we of course needed a taxi from the airport home ($60).  This totals $608.  We won’t need any of this if we visited the Kalahari Resort in the Poconos this $608 can go towards our food, drinks and shopping while at  night stay at Kalahari Resorts.

My munchkin @joelstewartjr has a love hate relationship with the water. But he had a great time at the pool today. Have you been watching my #Bahamas #FamilyVacation vlogs? Live on YT now #LinkInBio ( #myson #travelphotography #islandlife #pool #poolside #JenellBStewart

Joel at the pool, Nassau, Bahamas

When on vacation we usually visit the beach or pool 3 times during our 5 day stay.  If we were to visit the Kalahari Resort in the Poconos we would get day passes to the water park and other main attractions included in the cost of our room!!

I’m ready to go–stat!

The Kalahari Resort is a great option for an east coast getaway and they do have locations in Wisconsin and Ohio.  Have you ever visited? I’m pretty much sold on visiting , but please do share what you loved most.

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  • Reply Makeba Royall January 8, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    I’ve been eyeballing this place as well and was JUST thinking this would be my family summer trip this year.

    • Reply Jenell B Stewart January 9, 2017 at 9:36 am

      What do you think about my concept of vacationing in the winter?

      • Reply Makeba January 9, 2017 at 10:08 am

        Your idea of a beach vacation in the winter is on my 2017 to do list as well. I may be over zealous right now, however with proper planning it may be possible. Let’s cross our fingers.

  • Reply Olivia January 13, 2017 at 11:20 pm

    Hi Jenell, I love the concept of vacationing in the winter- money saving and possibly less of a crowd.

  • Reply Gwen April 26, 2017 at 9:38 am

    Hi, Jenell…I personally love the idea of getting away in the winter, but the best time frame for our family is the end of June. Working towards the winter getaways😊 Can you share some travel tips for vacations, how to get great airfare and different perks. That airfare you mentioned was a steal for 4 people😉

  • Reply crystal allen November 27, 2017 at 9:52 am

    It is chilly today! I would love to escape to somewhere tropical!
    Our family is going on a 5 night cruise this January to Cozumel! I will soak up some sun while we are there!

  • Reply Ann Reaux November 27, 2017 at 10:13 am

    This looks so fun! I would love to escape with my kids to some fun times! @SmileItsAnge and RT’d 🙂

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