I Love Their Bond

September 20, 2016


Joel isn’t an only child anymore but for the first 2 years of his life he was.  I think because of that he has no issues with being alone without his sister, Elle

He loves having her around and when she’s not around for whatever reason he misses her but he’s capable of playing on his own and does so very well. He’s all about the sound effects and his imagination runs wild.

img_9750img_9752Elle on the other hand has never been alone. She came into this world with a partner in crime, a best friend, a ride or die –and boy is she attached to Joel.

img_9758Last week her brother started PreK and Elle had an emotional breakdown daily.  Deep sobs and crying.  I didn’t even need to shed a tear because she shed enough for the both of us.

img_9763For those of you with multiple children, what type of bond do they have? Are they inseparable? Or independent? Does one depend more on the other?

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