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February 19, 2017

Y’all know I’m obsessed with taking pictures of my munchkin and ladybug so much so I had to make them their own Instagram pages because my page was filled with pictures of them and food.  I always have my iPhone ready to capture any moment and on Sundays I take my big Canon 70D with us to church so I can capture them in their Sunday’s best in the church yard, at the park or on the steps of a trendy looking building.  I have my father to thank for this photo obsession, God bless his soul.

Before Elle was born, we printed out our photos of her brother Joel in 4×6 using the Shutterfly printing service.  It was the most exiting thing when the pictures arrived and I sat for hours putting all the pictures perfectly in a photo album.  But when I learned that Shutterfly offers a Make My Book service I said “Hello 2017!”  As someone who loves to use to more modern services making a photo book was right up my alley.

Without a doubt I knew I wanted to create a book that captured Elle and Joel’s friendship and I uploaded images from all of 2016.  I took full advantage of the Make My Book service which allows Shutterfly to curate the design of my book.  All I had to do was upload the photos I wanted in the book, select the theme and title of the book and they did all the work.  Do you know how long it would have taken me to figure out the layouts, colors, and extras? Maybe all week, because I’m so particular about pictures, especially pictures of my babies.

The Make My Book service was very efficient, I literally just had to sit back and wait for the email that my book was ready for review.  When I got that email I couldn’t open it fast enough.  The book was so beautiful.  Every moment of their year – vacations, trips, family functions, birthdays and holidays – was captured and laid out to perfection.  I didn’t need to make many changes and ordered my book right away.

My photo book couldn’t arrive fast enough I was so anxious to show them and when I did they truly loved it. What makes me happiest is how excited Elle and Joel are each time we open the book, it’s like they relive the memories each time.  The conversations are so funny and being that Elle is 3 I hope she won’t ever forget her memories thanks to our Shutterfly photo book.  I’m so happy I found out about this when I did.  At the rate that I take photos, I can see myself making several Make My Book photo books a year. No more photo print outs for me.

I know your cell phone is always out of memory because you have thousands of pictures on there.  Why don’t you go ahead and make a Make My Book photo book today?

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