March 8, 2015 Weigh In

March 8, 2015

Weigh in graphic

Starting Weight (Feb 2014): 270
Last Week Weight: 188
Current Weight: 194

Friday was my 30th birthday and I’ve been partaking in celebratory alcoholic beverages, fried foods and cake! I’ve been getting my life!
PS join me on Twitter for daily fitness updates @healthyJenell, as you know IG is all about the pics so twitter just better allows for quick updates.
2015 weekly weigh (to see 2014 weigh ins visit hashtag #healthyJenellWeighin)
Jan 197.7, 196.8, 194.4, 192.2
Feb 191.9, 194.5, 193.3, 189.3
March 188, 194
FAQ: I’m 29, 5’5″, I have two kids (3yr old & 1 year old), Im currently training for a 10k in April and working on burning fat, my My new workout regimen is as follows. Run 3-8 miles 4 days a week. Meet with trainer 1 day.

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