Recipe| Kidney Beans for Dinner

August 24, 2015

Kidney BeansCooking a healthy vegan friendly dish!
2 large cans Goya Kidney Beans (1lb 13oz)
1 onion
Mrs Dash original blend
Black pepper
Red pepper flakes
Salt (optional, I don’t use salt)

Empty beans into pot. Cut up onion and add to beans, shake some Mrs Dash on top (use as much as you’d like, it’s 100% salt free), shake some black pepper and red pepper flakes on top (use as much as you can handle, we like it hot). Let cook on medium heat for maybe 20 minute. I give it enough time for beans to pick up flavor and for the liquid to reduce a bit. So taste beans after 15 minutes and if they have flavor you can turn it off. If not cool longer. Stir every 5 minutes or so beans don’t burn at the bottom.

Eat this dish with any meat you’d like or eat it as is with rice and or veggies. I eat this dish with no meat over brown rice with California blend on the side. This dish is great for meal prep. Pack in small bowls with your rice and grab and go for lunch or dinner during the week.

My hubby, two children and myself all love this dish.

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