Toddler Friendly Holiday Crafts Using DIY Stock Images

December 17, 2016


Elle loves anything colorful that you can glue or paint. Today we created a cute holiday crafts poster using DIY Stock images that is perfect for the holidays.

To create this poster you will need only a few things:
DIY Stock images
Holiday Music (to set the mood)

If you are a teacher (like I used to be) or you currently manage your own blog or if you are a graphic designer you most likely are always in need of Royalty Free Images to use in your projects. I use GraphicStock images for my royalty free image needs and in fact many of the images in my latest posts have been from Graphic Stock because let’s be honest, I can’t produce images for everything I need and no website does either, they are either using GraphicStock or another stock image site.

For those who don’t know about GraphicStock, it’s pretty much THE go-to spot for royalty free images on the internet. They have over 250,000 graphics, illustrations, vectors, icons and a whole lot more.

For this craft project, I turned out some holiday music and then spent about 15 minutes looking through the Royalty Free Images on GraphicStock. I created a folder of the top 8 holiday DIY stock images that I felt Elle would really like.


GraphicStock has over 250,000 graphics, illustrations, vectors, icons and a whole lot more.  I could spend all day looking through these awesome images but Elle was very excited to begin the project and was getting impatient. Every time I found a new image I would “ooh” and “ahh” and say “ohh that’s so cute!” and she would ask “Can we do it now mommy?”

I printed the holiday DIY stock images and set everything up at the table for Elle and I to cut and paste.  I asked her which Santa DIY stock image she wanted to work with as her poster and she chose the Vector Background with Christmas Santa Claus shown below.


Elle and I Arts and Crafts

From there Elle selected the images she wanted to glue onto the Santa poster and I cut them out for her.

img_2289 img_2246

She honestly only cares about the glue.img_2275 img_2280img_2305img_2291


Elle did an excellent job and she was so proud of her poster. I know your little ones will enjoy a fun holiday project for you to proudly hang on the fridge or their bedroom wall.  I’m sure you can come up with a ton of project ideas for every season or just because you want something creative to do.


Here’s something for you, sign up with GraphicStock and get a 7-day trial, you will pretty much be able to take advantage up to 140 graphic stock images from the library during your trial.  Think of all the ways you can use these images to really benefit from the free trial. People make t-shirt designs, wedding invitations, even food decorations with royalty free images. Graphics doesn’t just have to be for the professional designer, it can be used in every day life.

Right after your trial ends, you are automatically charged for the next month so be sure to take note of that.

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