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April 24, 2015

image3My busy season has arrived.  Every year from April to about Sept is the high season for events in the beauty industry.  As a beauty editor, I get invited to many many events and I cover them as media.  I basically show up, take pics, and share them online.  As a beauty influencer/thought leader, I get hired to attend many many events and I work as hired talent or as a guest speaker.  Covering and/or working events is the part of my job I love the absolute most. Because I get to step in front of the computer or the camera and actually talk to humans.

Right now I’m in Atlanta.  I’m working two events, the first is an event called Kinky Hair Unlocked which is happening tonight.  The other is the World Natural Hair Show which is happening tomorrow and Sunday.


I got into Atlanta yesterday evening and my plane ride wasn’t bad at all.  I shut my eyes and only woke up to move so the man bathed in cheap cologne next to me could go to the bathroom, I opened my eyes to make sure I indulged in the delicious Delta Biscoff cookies that I live for and then I woke up again when the man over saturated in cologne tapped my knee to let me know it was time to get off the plane.

I’m a super busy mom of 2.  That 2 hours on the plane was the best sleep of my life thus far.

IMG_8459 IMG_8461
When at home I usually eat 1 slice of wheat bread with 1tbsp of peanut butter and water before I hit the gym or the trail for a run. But today I’m thuggin it with my crunchy granola.

I work out in the morning Monday to Friday no matter what.
It doesn’t matter how busy the day is going to be.
It doesn’t matter how tired I am.
It doesn’t matter if I’m out of town for work.
It doesn’t matter if I’m out of the country on vacation.
Today I ran 3 miles on the treadmill in the hotel fitness center.


Lunch at the Sundial Restaurant in the Westin Hotel. Pink Peach Lemonade, Field Greens and the best damn Southern Fried Chicken with green beans and mac n cheese that I’ve ever had. I gobbled up everything on my plate!


Did I mention I went to the fabulous Sundial Restaurant which is one of the tallest restaurants in the northern hemisphere in my funky gym clothes? No? Oh well I did. After I ate, I went back to my room, got my fresh and clean on and then went to crash Trudys room. Trudy is the organizer of the event I’m attending today and the founder of

IMG_8485I was left in Trudys room alone because she was on super organizer beast mode, so I decided to get some work done. Two phone meetings, a few social media postings, replied to comments on IG and YT and then I started writing this blog post while munching on snap peas and avocado hummus. Yummy!

Check back for more updates on my work journey.

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    Hey Janelle, I am just getting started with taking blogging for a living seriously. I am a single mom of one however. How long do you think it would take to seriously make this a full time job. My previous job was as a nurse, a decent income. My debts are low but I seriously want to support myself and enjoy what I am doing. Please help. Any advice helps. Thanks and love the blog.

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